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How Can I Make Money Fast?


One of the hardest things that we see a lot of people struggling with is finding the right niche or the right product to sell when starting a business. Today we’re going to be sharing with you some small business ideas to make money online.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you to decide on what to sell and how to get your business started.
We’re going to be actually looking at examples and existing businesses for inspiration.

The majority of these small business ideas that we’re going to be talking about can even cost you under a hundred dollars to actually get started. This blog is going to be geared toward those that are interested in starting an inventory-based eCommerce business and make money fast.

If you’re interested in starting drop shipping that’s fine too. With these small business ideas, you don’t have to show your face when marketing or promoting these businesses.

So let’s get right into it!

What e-Commerce Businesses Make The Most Money?

First things first, you need to know that it’s 25% the product and %75 percent how you market it. So the more content that you can create with a certain product, the more money you make and success you’ll have with your business.

If you’re thinking that there’s a lot of people doing something there’s always something that you can do differently. You can source and resell products or you can hand-make products to make money fast.

So with your small business, there are two different routes you can take:

1- Make Money Fast: Source and resell products

  • Alibaba: If you’re planning on sourcing your products for your small business, you are either going to utilize Alibaba or Aliexpress. Alibaba is better for buying in bulk.
  • Aliexpress
Products and Trade Leads from alibaba

Last year, U.S. businesses sold over $61 billion worth of goods across Alibaba’s platforms. (Alibaba Powers Businesses)

2- Make Money Fast: Handmade products

  • Amazon (NOT selling on Amazon. Getting SUPPLIES from Amazon): If you’re going to hand-make your products, you’re going to most likely get your inventory on Amazon because it comes fast. Also, you’re able to get supplies at a good price on Amazon. After that maybe in the future once it grows you’ll start sourcing your inventory from Alibaba.

So if you choose to hand-make your own products to make money there’s amazing education all across Youtube for all different niche types. If you want to learn how to hand-make a certain item like lip gloss for example, you can just type in a handmade small business lip gloss or whatever you choose to do your business on.

In every single niche there are so many videos on how to make the lip gloss on Youtube. Also users list the ingredients and everything across Youtube in that regard.

Just for an example; if you wanted to open a lip gloss business and then once you are ready to order the supplies, you could just type in lipgloss business and all the products in the Youtube videos are usually linked in the description.

However if they’re not, everything that you need is on Amazon. Amazon is actually a really affordable and quick way to get products to start your own business. If you have decided that you want to source products for your small business you’re going to use Alibaba.

make money fast by selling on Amazon
Amazon Business launches new “3-Way Match” software solution to save customers time and money. (Amazon Business)

You can open Alibaba and click on trending product pages or fashion accessories. After that, you’ll able to see everything right here, get some ideas and just figure out what you are planning to sell online.

Alibaba has so many options in so many different niche categories that you can check on and see. So, this is definitely a good source for almost every single niche to make money very easily.

Small Business Ideas to Make Money Fast

So in order to research for some small business inspiration in this blog, we’re going to be using Tiktok. TikTok is the most used social media app. If you want to be successful with your small business, you should utilize using TikTok.

Some of these small business ideas that we’re going to be sharing with you in this blog will be handmade. Keep in mind that any business where you have handmade products is going to allow you to also have more content to create.

If you’re wanting to hold inventory, being able to hand-make your products can also start your business with a low cost as well.

Idea #1: Soaps, Bathbombs, Lotions

Small business idea number one is soap. There’s so much content you can create with soaps and also there are so many different types of soaps that you can make.

Small business idea to make money fast
Opportunity to sell beyond the local community, ease of use for customers, social media means free advertising, no physical display costs. (Soap Queen)

When you’re doing your product research, you can check out other small businesses to get inspiration on Tiktok.

Generally these small businesses on Tiktok have a Youtube channel. If you go to their Youtube, you can see that they’re creating content showing their handmade art.

That means that they’re monetizing just from their videos. So it’s 100% profit of a business just by reposting their TikToks and creating video content of their small business.

Idea #2: Lip gloss, Body butters, Body oils and Cosmetics

Small business idea number two is lip gloss.

If you look at some examples of small businesses that sell lipgloss on Tiktok, you’ll see that they create so many different types of content with their lip gloss that sells and make money.

What’s great about lip gloss is that you can get so creative with this niche just like you could with the soaps and other products.

There are so many things that you can create that aren’t even out yet. Even though you see that there are a lot of other people on Tiktok selling lip gloss or things.

how to make money easy online
To start selling lip gloss online, map out a plan regarding suppliers, promotions, and the license or permits you need to be in a legally secure position. (Shopify)

Also, you can see that each account is so individual and special in their way. So never let that stop you from actually starting your own online business that will make money.

Idea #3: Jewelry and Accessories

Small business idea number three is jewelry and accessories. This small business idea can go two different ways:

1- Make Money Fast: Source from Alibaba, buy in bulk, and resell for profit

You can either order online jewelry from Alibaba and resell it.

2- Make Money Fast: Handmade Jewelry

Or you can create handmade jewelry. Whatever you decide to do there’re so much content you can create for this niche.

jewelry business
You can also see in the photo above that there are so many small businesses selling jewelry across TikTok.

Idea #4: Bags and Purses

Our next small business idea is bags and purses. You can find so many different types of bags and purses across Alibaba. Also, you can even customize and design your own.

sell bags and purses to make money online
According to a 2020 report, the purses and handbags market is worth more than $50 billion, and it’s estimated to grow at a rate of 5.4% per year between 2019 and 2025. (Website Builder Expert)

There are a lot of different style videos that you can do with the bags. Lots of content that you can create with bags as well.

You just have to be creative and can always check TikTok for inspiration.

Purse Business
If you are selling a handbag that is a seasonal piece, keep in mind, that unless it’s currently trending and in demand, it could go for a much lower price point. (Clever Girl Finance)

Idea #5: Tie Dye Items

Another small business idea is tie-dye items. There’s a lot of content you can create with tie-dye items as well like shirts, hoodies, etc.

tie dye items small business online
One way to help your tie-dye business stand out from the competition is to choose unique materials, items, colors and patterns. Don’t limit yourself to the stereotypical cotton T-shirt when tie dying. (Chron)

People seeing the process on Tiktok or wherever you’re promoting it can also create a lot of content.

Idea #6: Pet Accessories

Another awesome small business idea is pet accessories. If you have a dog, a cat or any pet for that matter, pet accessories are a great niche to get in as well.

pet accessories to sell online and make money fast
Approximately $30.2 billion was spent on vet care and pet products in 2019 (A Better Lemonade Stand)

The pet niche is definitely a great niche to get into if you love animals.

Idea #7: Baking or Sweets

Another small business idea is a cake or sweets business.

You could do this locally, get your business name out locally delivered to parties etc. You could even start a Youtube channel based around your baking and do both.

baking tutorial sweets
Farmer’s markets are a great place to sell homemade goods, but each one has different guidelines. Check with your market’s website to find requirements. (The Penny Hoarder)

Also you could make money from views that you get of your baking videos. Also you could sell them locally or even ship them around whatever country you’re in.

Idea #8: Gift Baskets and Bundles

Our last small business recommendation to you in this blog is gift baskets or bundles.

If you want to sell lashes then you can put them in bundles. Then this move might make your small business took off.

gift baskets and bundles small businesses
You’ll able to create a lot of content creating these baskets and showing the process of creating the baskets even though the items aren’t hand-made.

You have to realize that people want to pay for value. So, if you’re showing that you’re putting your own time and energy into something people are more likely to not only trust you but to want to be inclined to buy from you as well.


We know that picking a niche or the initial product to make money could be very difficult at first. Every person is so different and has so much to offer. So one niche that might work for one person may not work for the other.

You have to really think about what you enjoy in life and what you think you can sell that you’ll genuinely enjoy.

You never want to get into something that you don’t like and that you’re just trying to do for the money. That’s because at the end of the day it’s not about the money it’s about sustaining a business long term.

If you don’t genuinely like something or enjoy doing something the business will not work out.

That’s just something to keep in mind if you don’t know how to do something you can always learn how to do it don’t ever put barriers in front of yourself before you even get started.

You can just search on TikTok for small business ideas and so many different ideas will pop right up for you. Never be afraid of failing or don’t allow yourself to not do something that you want to do just because you are afraid.

Nothing is ever a failure they’re always lessons. So if one thing doesn’t quite work out for you there are so many other things you can try as well.