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How to Sell on Tiktok?


If you want to learn how to sell on Tiktok marketplace, merge, product, or service on the platform, you are in the right place.

TikTok is one of the most influential social media platforms on the market, surpassing Facebook, and Instagram as one of the most popular apps in the app stores. The platform is a great way to increase your traffic through engaging and original content.

However, being successful on TikTok requires a very different strategy than any other social media platform. In this blog, we will share tips on how you can start selling on TikTok.

Why Should You Sell on TikTok?

Since 2018, the platform has experienced an 800% increase in its global monthly users and is expected to exceed 1.2 billion. As a somewhat new social media platform, there is relatively low competition with great potential to grow as a creator.

TikTok’s growth and cultural ubiquity means it’s the perfect place for your brand. (Hootsuite)

It is easier to reach a larger audience, allowing creators to grow exponentially faster than other social media platforms. Now that you know why you should be on TikTok, here are our tips on how to sell on the platform.

Setting Up a Business Account on Tiktok

It is very important to understand that Tiktok is one of the fastest growing social media. Instagram and Facebook are still there but Tiktok is going strong. Currently, they have more than 1.1 billion monthly users worldwide, about 80 million of them in the United States alone.

This platform has a rapid fire, allowing people to create very short content. The platform caters to a younger audience. So, we’re looking for ages 13 to 25. You also have more than 1000 brands. We’re talking about established brands that are currently on the platform.

What features do you get with a TikTok Business Account?

According to research, you have an average of more than 200,000 content views recommended by the active range, and you have an average engagement rate of more than 9% for posts from active brands. So, the foundation we’re trying to lay here is that Tiktok is a great platform, and you should jump on the bandwagon right now to start selling your products, services, and everything else.

Now we will show you how to do this step by step.

Step #1: Creating a Tiktok Business Account

Before you start selling on Tiktok, you need to create a business account on the platform. So, you need to download the app on your phone and select the option to create an account. You will be able to switch between your accounts in the Tiktok app. Therefore, after entering your login information, you will be asked to create a username for your account.

You should also try to keep your social media usernames or usernames consistent across different platforms. So, your customers and followers can easily identify your brand. When you create an account, you need to add a profile and a short bio. Also, you should link your Instagram, YouTube and Facebook account if you have one.

Creating a Tiktok Business Account
Designed specifically for brands and companies, TikTok business accounts are loaded with features to help you optimize the content you post. (Backlight)

If you want to switch to a professional account, here’s how to do it: This is the link that allows you to switch from a personal account to a Pro account.

Tiktok has two different pro accounts:

  • Creator Account
  • Business account

So, if you are a creator or influencer, you can go for a creator account. However, if you are an established business, switch to a business account. When you create an account, it will be personal by default. This is just a way Tiktok set up.

This is very important because having a Tiktok business account can benefit from endless discoveries. You can learn about trains and become a Tiktok expert. When you have a Tiktok business account, you have a place in the cultural environment of the platform, which helps you increase brand awareness and have a higher conversion rate at the same time.

Step #2: How to Create Engaging Content on TikTok

The second step is that you need to create compelling content. Nowadays, people always say that the word attractive content has become a cliché, but in the age of Tiktok, it is very important. Imagine if people had less than five seconds of attention.

So, you have five to ten seconds to convince people to follow you. That means you need to create captivating content. In the first few seconds of your video, you want to grab the viewer’s attention very quickly.

How to Create Engaging Content on TikTok
TikTok boosts your first few videos, showing them to more people than usual, before dialing down the algorithm and letting you grow organically. This is why it’s important that your first few TikToks are high quality and relevant to your niche. (Flixier)

You should also search for hashtags like small business checks and entrepreneurs to get an idea of how other brands are promoting themselves on Tiktok. The whole idea is that you shouldn’t copy other people’s content and put your unique spin and brand on every video you create.

You need to try to get through the game, do your best and move on. You can also choose from Tiktok’s audio library when creating videos. If you want to learn how to sell properly and profitably on Tiktok Marketplace, you need to add audio to your videos.

Step#3: How to Stand Out on Tiktok?

The third step is about how to stand out on Tiktok. As we said before, Tiktok is a marketplace with more than 1.1 billion monthly active users. That means their competition is insane. So how do you stand out and make sure you’re one step ahead of the game?

How to Stand Out on Tiktok
Target audiences are your ultimate customers. Most of the target audience base in TikTok comprises of youngsters. So, you have to make a user-friendly content to attract sponsorships and targeted brands. (Filmora)

There are a few things you can do:

You need to engage with your audience and be consistent.

Consistency is very important. You need to become online every day and get the job done. Also, you should also upload as much as possible. You can schedule your content and upload it every day.

It’s also important to deal with people’s comments. If you only post once or twice a week, it’s also important to be consistent with your videos. If you keep posting at least once a day, you probably won’t earn a rate.

One of your videos will go viral at some point and that’s just a lot of possibilities. The more you post, the more you upload and the more likely you are to win. You will soon realize that growing a Tiktok account is much easier than growing an Instagram or Youtube account. Your account will grow if you consistently post fun, engaging, and entertaining content.

You need to leverage influencer marketing

If you want to sell your products better on Tiktok, you need to leverage the influence in your marketing. You can also find the best influencer talents on Tiktok’s creator Marketplace. If you find the right influencers for your brand, you can go through a recruitment agency or Tiktok creator Marketplace. This is Tiktok’s in-house hub for connecting influencers and brands.

They offer data-driven insights into which influencers are right for your brand. Plus, tools to help build an impressive marketing program. You can sign up for Tiktok Marketplace and explore Tiktok’s other advertising options. You also have self-service ad types. To do this, you need to go to the ad manager on Tiktok.

You need to encourage user-generated content

One thing you can do to stand out on Tiktok is to promote user-generated content (UGC). Many products go viral on Tiktok due to the interaction of ordinary people like you and me. That’s why people who use a particular product in their videos or explain why they love it can put a product on a viral circuit.

The crazy thing is most of these popular videos aren’t even paid ads. Rather, they are organic ingredients created by customers to show how much they love the product. So, you want to encourage your followers, customers, and target audience to post their own videos using your product on Tiktok.

Step#4: How to Promote Your Tiktok Page?

Promoting your Tiktok account is very important. You need to maintain your marketing skills with Tiktok’s resources. That’s why they have a platform that offers a small business resource center to help business account users get the most out of the app. There you can access templates to create additional content, attend free, expert-led webinars, and read success stories from brands using Tiktoks to increase customer reach.

There are many creative tools you can use. So, you have a video template and a smart soundtrack. In the creative center, you have global inspiration and global insight. These resources allow you to finally produce great content.

There is a secret that experts and many advanced Tiktok users use if you want to promote your Tiktok account. This is Tiktok Pixel. So, you can use this Pixel to monitor ad performance.

How to Promote Your Tiktok Page
Promote is an advertising tool you can use in your TikTok app to help you get more people to discover your videos, guide more people to your website, and improve your chances to gain followers. (Tiktok)

A pixel is a piece of code you can embed in your eCommerce store or other website to collect data about customers you’ve grown through your Tiktok content.
This pixel allows you to:

  • Creating marketing audiences,
  • Optimize ad delivery and
  • Measure campaign performance

So, you can measure your ad performance and ROAS based on a set of conversion events you define. How does it work? Thus, the pixel collects information provided through standard web browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla. You must include event information, timestamp, IP address, user agent, and optional first- and third-party cookies.

The best way to do this is to go through Tiktok Events Manager. Here you can select the setup, create an event, add an edit event, view, and monitor and diagnose event data. Your terms can do this manually or automatically.