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There is an easy and powerful way to manage your growing business

One simple and powerful platform to grow your business, connect with your customers and fulfill your sales.

Manage Sales
inventory management

One inventory management for your business

Seamlessly control everything from a single dashboard with centralized streamlined inventory, orders, pricing, shipping and more.

Centralized inventory management

We’ve got the tools for you to help you manage, track and move your inventory. Easily manage in multiple locations save time and money.

Order, shipping management and delivery

Collect your orders from all sales channels in one place. Easily manage your shipping processes and track deliveries.

Grow your money with fast and secure payment

Accept payment with different payment methods for your store and sales channels.

Instantly accept credit cards, paypal, klarna, strip and other popular payment methods. Offer a smooth, secure and fast checkout experience for your customers.

Fast Secure Payment
shipping management

Shipping and delivery made easy

Use affordable shipping options to deliver orders around the globe.

Choose as many shipping rates and carriers as you like to provide you and your customers with the best experience.

It has been designed for data security

We care about security. We work with PCI DSS certified service providers, which are set as the gold standard worldwide for e-commerce solutions.

All payment transactions and transaction data are stored and transmitted with the same secure HTTPS protocols used by the world’s largest banks. Both vendors and customer data remain secure at all times.

Manage SSL Security

Boost sales and conversions

Unlock your store’s potential with powerful and simple analytics tools.

Customer growth and insight

Engage with your customers after they’ve made a purchase with our mailing lists and feedback tools.

Live analytics

Access a detailed overview of how your store is performing at any moment. Track traffic, reach, orders, and revenue.

Learn and grow

Measure, test, grow, repeat. All directly out of the box with no installation or setup required.

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