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About Us

We are a passionate team focused on increasing the e-commerce success of business owners and entrepreneurs.

We believe modern selling is omnichannel

Starting a business is difficult, it requires good focus and passion. There are so many things that take you away from what matters—your customers and your products. But we can help.

We provide all the tools you need to grow your business and more in one place. Moreover, it is simple and powerful. You can sell, market your business and manage your growth from mobile, web, social media, wherever you want.

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Bekir Çelik - Arif Çağlar
Big Bang Shopiroller Standı
Worldef - Bekir Çelik
Big Bang - Arif Çağlar Röportaj

Amazing Team

Bekir Çelik

Co-Founder & CEO

Arif Çağlar

Co-Founder & CMO

Furkan Güngör
Furkan Güngör

Co-Founder & CTO

Nilay Sivritepe

Project Manager

Mevlüt Gür
Mevlüt Gür

Backend Developer

Hamid Hassani

Frontend Developer

Abdullah Yalçın

Mobile Developer

Ege Aybüke Kaya

Customer Success

Supporting Organizations

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