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How Do I Follow e-Commerce Trends?


Are you starting a new e-Commerce store or online business? Just like any new business you need a solid strategy and a good implementation plan to ensure success. Today we’re going to be showing you how do you follow e-Commerce trends by giving you entire process.

Hopefully these process will help you to find the demand for your new business, new product or services. It’s an important step for any new business and is part of your go-to-market strategy. Many businesses skip this step but they also fail because of it.

If you’re ready, let’s get into it.

#1: Etsy

Etsy is going to be our first way of trend researching. That this is one of the best ways because it’s free and it takes literally seconds to reach e-Commerce trends. So, first you just need to go up to the search bar, click and see what comes up. You’ll see what a ton of people are typing in right now to search for.

Etsy e-Commerce Trends
If you’re looking for something to sell about or have a non-niche-specific store, you’ll see e-Commerce trends researching.

Etsy is giving you an idea of all the different things that you can sell that people are literally actively looking for. If you already have something to sell, a trend that you are working on or are looking for new inspiration and design, you can use the Etsy’s search bar. This is the best way that you can go ahead and follow e-Commerce trends on Etsy.

We’re going to show you one more way on Etsy. This is the ABC method and it also called the XYZ method. Basically, what you do is typing in the letter A and you see what comes up on the searching bar. That’ll show you what people are searching for under the letter the most popular things.

#2: Google Trends

As a second way to follow e-Commerce trends, we’re going to go over to Google Trends. If you’re running a drop shipping product store, Google trends is a little bit more about it.

Google Trends
So, once we’re on Google Trends, you can kind of go ahead and do a scroll there. You’re going to find a bunch of news-related things which can be good sellers.

If you type anything, you’ll see related topics among your research. However, just keep in mind that using Google Trends doesn’t have to be the best way for every product that you’re searching for.

#3: Pinterest Trends

You may not be aware of Pinterest Trends have a great business side. Using Pinterest to follow e-Commerce trends is really effective. Just because you can go any page to see what’s trending.

Pinterest Trends
Also, you can just go to the search bar and type in what exactly you’re selling.

The ideas are endless and there are so many cool things that you can do.

#4: E-Rank

The other way we’re going to show you about e-Commerce trends researching is the paid method. This is a browser extension called e-rank and it is a website you need to pay 5.99$ per month at least. However they have a free trial program but you can’t see everything.

This platform is going to give you just the legit results about e-Commerce trends. If you type a specific word about whatever you’re looking for, E-Rank’s going to show you whether or not you should sell that product.

E-Rank allows you to see what’s trending on Etsy in the USA.

E-Rank shows you not only what is ranking and trending on Etsy. There’s also ways to look to see what’s been spotted on Amazon. You can use E-Rank to help you really scale, become a better shop and get more people on your page.

#5: Google Search

Before starting a Google search, you need to understand your industry. Most of Google’s data is publicly available. So, secondary research in any words you can find e-Commerce trend by performing a very easy search on Google.

So, as a second move, tap the industry that you want to research into the search bar followed by the word trends. After that, you’ll find a whole list of blog articles, factual statistical data that you can go and analyze for that industry, product, brand or whatever it is that you’re launching.

Handmade Product Trends
However, to show even more relevant data, click on the tools button inside the Google search and filter by everything that was posted within the past year. That’ll show you all the most recent data that has been made publicly available.

Now, you just need to go through everything, read as many articles and publications as you can and finally gather all the industry data that you need. Remember to be extra specific when searching niche down.

You might find that your product business or brand idea is either too niche or broad. This will help you determine the scope at which you want to plan.

#6: Google Forms

After understanding the industry, it’s important to know the consumers within it and all their specific needs. These are the people that will potentially be buying your products and services.

So, you want to make sure that you’re offering them something that they perceive as valuable and are willing to actually purchase or spend money on.

Google Forms
You can use survey reports and insights to gather information about your potential consumers and e-Commerce trends.

Start by creating a server using something as simple as Google forms, Microsoft forms, or any other type of form. After, you can share your form with:

If you’re not sure where to find these groups go on to Google once again tap your industry into the search bar followed by the word groups. After that, you’ll find all the results with Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and communities forums associated with your industry.

Now actually go and join all the groups take part in the conversation, paste the link from the survey that you created on. Those online form generators paste the link in there and ask the community to complete the survey.

Places To Find and Follow e-Commerce Trends


It is a free SEO tool owned by Neil Patel. Ubersuggest also allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adapt or improve them and gain an edge.

It also gives you top SEO pages to measure competition, keyword suggestions, content ideas, backlink data, etc. You can sign in for free with your Google account. When you signed in, you need to type any words you want in the searching area.

After that you’ll be able to see the search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, historical keyword data, the number of people who click on the SEO results, searchers’ age range and e-Commerce trends, etc.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is an online site featuring pop culture, hipster ideas, and viral news. The most trending concepts are featured on Trend Hunder TV. You can find all the changing trends, from technology to fashion, advertisements, design, and culture.

Trend Watching

This website contains tools, information, and trends that can help you find your favorite products and create campaigns. Trend Watching also provides an opportunity for you to have live conversations with trend experts. Although the site has a free membership option, you can become a member of the system for a monthly fee of €230 to get more detailed information.

Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting has been helping businesses and companies uncover the latest trends in art, culture, travel, style, technology, and design since 2003.


The platform is powered by a network of over 20,000 spots in over 190 countries, setting trends in the UK. Springwise spreads exciting trends and guides people by posting them on its site. To become a member of the platform, you need to make an annual payment.

More Inspiration

This platform publishes entertaining content on topics such as travel, sports, security, technology, advertising, and health services.

Cool Business ldeas

Cool Business Ideas is an indispensable platform for businesspeople who want to direct their business ideas. While the website doesn’t look as cool as Trend Hunter, it publishes trends in many topics, including consumer goods, media and publishing, fashion, and design. Plus, it’s free.

The Trend Spotter

This website is a good choice for those who want to follow the trends in fashion. The Trend Spotter has a separate section for men and women that only talks about fashion trends.


This website publishes trend ideas through innovations and newsletters. PFSK also provides reports for businesses to understand new trends. Trends Report fees are around $495.

The Coolist

This site usually produces trending content about art, beauty, design, home, and garden, sports, style, etc.


TED produces content with the motto “Ideas worth spreading”. In addition, TED is a system that brings people together by holding talks on design, entertainment, and technology. In addition, this system, which has been operating since 1984, has a structure that offers entrepreneurship activities in every subject nowadays.