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What Products Make The Most Profit?


Wondering which products are the most profitable? During pandemic affecting millions of people, the e-commerce industry has witnessed a significant transition. For example, retailers with no income due to the closure of their physical stores have moved online, citing a major change in consumer shopping habits.

E-commerce businesses are gaining a lot of attention among aspiring entrepreneurs, but these startups aren’t nearly the same.

Some e-commerce businesses require no more than minimal financial investment and a simple website, while others may require more time and money to develop. Consider these eCommerce business ideas for 2022 to find the one that best suits your interests.

Now we’ll tell you why they’re popular, and we’ll even give you some useful marketing tips for good measure. Then you add the ones you like to your store and enjoy the best online sales year you’ve ever had. Agree?

Then let’s jump right in.

1- Profitable Products: Enamel Pins

If you can hook up with a lapel pin manufacturer, setting up enamel needlework in 2022 will be well worth it. Custom enamel pins are quickly becoming big business and you can go for a specific design proposal or serve customers who come to your store.

You can also easily sell them on multi-vendor marketplaces.

Enamel pins
Marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy are good places to list your pins, but you’ll want to open an online store for your own brand. An online store acts as your digital home, where you can connect with shoppers and sell your products. (Shopify)

2- Profitable Products: Smartwatches

In 2018, smartwatch sales figures reached 141 million units worldwide. The smartwatch industry has reached almost billions in international sales.

Even if you use it to plan your day, innovation is the name of the game for smartwatches – so demand will increase next year as well. It’s safe to say that this startup idea has great potential and could be your winning product for 2022 and the years ahead.

With smartwatches expecting to reach 243 million units in total sales over the next 5 years, this could be the “it” product to sell at present. (Salehoo)

3- Profitable Products: Baby Rompers

Baby rompers are cute and useful. Everyone loves them so they prove to be a great product as they show strong search volume.

If you have an online store that covers the baby/diaper niche, you can add baby rompers to your trending product category. You can also easily sell maternity products. Feel free to sell baby toys or children’s clothing to spice up the atmosphere. Adding variety will make your eCommerce store become a one-stop-shop for parents.

Baby rompers
Revenue for the baby care products market alone is expected to reach $11.4 billion in 2018, on their way to topping $13 billion by 2021. (Bigcommerce)

4- Profitable Products: Kitchen and Dining Mats

This may not seem like the obvious way to go down, but once you understand the kitchen and dining mats’ demand, you’re going to want a piece of the pie.

From simple plastic mats to textured fabric mats, there’s no shortage of designs available to you. You can easily enter the sector by selling your product online. First, you’re promoting something that builds a loyal following, then you can expand it further with other products!

Subscription food products are one example of goods on demand that customers have supported in droves. (Bluechart)

5- Profitable Products: Personal Safety Equipment

Face masks aren’t the only personal safety equipment trending when it comes to e-commerce business ideas. More and more people are looking for face shields, latex gloves, and other safe wearables to protect themselves.

This is a serious opportunity, so if you can find a reliable supplier, you should take your place in this industry.

Do you sell gloves online? Create an online store with Shopiroller and boost your revenue by expanding your reach: sell on social media, Google, your website, or in person.

6- Profitable Products: Dog jackets

Dog adoption rates have exploded in recent years. Companion animals have proven to be a great source of happiness in challenging times.

That’s why in 2021 there are products to pamper your dog. Among them are dog jackets, which have grown steadily in popularity in recent years. Also, with so many people letting a dog into their life in the last year, the demand for this product must be in good shape.

If you’re selling clothes to dogs with sensitive skin or with multiple allergies, it should be made of hypoallergenic materials such as cotton or silk. (Affiliate Unguru)

7- Profitable Products: Jigsaw puzzles

In terms of profitable items to sell, old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles have been regaining their popularity in recent years. As Google Trends data shows, this turnaround gained momentum during the first quarantines in 2020. Entering this product space can be a lot of fun. Also, it has the potential to be very lucrative.

This means that there is potential to successfully grow your eCommerce sales with these products in high demand.

The jigsaw puzzle niche is surprisingly diverse. There are puzzles for children and puzzles for adults. There are relaxing, easy-to-complete puzzles and extremely difficult 3D puzzles. Therefore, you should try to focus on specific products for a specific audience.

This will make it easy to target ads effectively (remember, you can use an ad automation tool like six ads to analyze and target your audience). One target audience that may be worth focusing on with this product is parents. They are constantly looking for alternatives for their children to spend time on the screen, and puzzles are a great solution for this.

Make Money Doing Jigsaw Puzzles
QP Market Network ( abbreviation as QPMN) just launched 2 new series of jigsaw puzzles for all fanatical fans of culture and Greek myth. ‘Chinese Ethnic Harmony’, ‘Maze War’ and 3 series for kids – ‘The Furry Farm‘, ‘My Little Princess‘ and ‘My Little King‘. (QP Market Network)

8- Laptop skins

Laptop skins are popular products that tend to go through phases of increasing and decreasing demand.

As Google Trends data for 2020 shows, this product trended in late winter and mid-summer. Of course, one of the great things about high-demand products like laptop skins is that there are always new laptop models and designs coming out, so there’s bound to be a new interest.

If you want to target this niche, watch out for major laptop product launches in 2021 from major manufacturers like Apple, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. These can be great sales opportunities. One of the beauties of marketing laptop skins is that you can target specific branded keywords. Branded keywords are great for SEO as they rank easier than generic keywords.

In other words, it will be easier to rank well for the keyword phrase “Laptop skins for ASUS” than for “Laptop skins”. Do some SEO research and see which keyword phrases are easiest to rank well for this niche? Next, create high-quality content that focuses on that brand’s products.

Laptop Skins
Laptop skins can protect a laptop from damage only to a certain extent. Besides, cheap quality laptop skins are difficult to remove and can leave an ugly appearance on the surface. Further, they also block the heat radiation from the laptop. These factors reduce the demand for laptop skins and hampers their market growth. (Transparency Market Research)

9- Air fryer

Cooking in terms of popular items has become a big trend when restaurants close and most of us are stuck inside.

Shoppers are eager to try new dishes and cooking styles, and cooking equipment that helps with this is in high demand. Look no further than the air fryer for proof of this. Its popularity has skyrocketed in the last 4 years, and it shows no sign of giving up.

Air fryers cook products like a deep fryer but use much less oil. As a result, the food is healthier but still tastes great. So, make sure you use it as a way to eat healthier. This product is particularly appealing to parents because it is easy to use and offers a healthier way of presenting food to children such as french fries and nuggets.

The global air fryer market will grow at 6.8% CAGR through 2027, witnessing a very promising growth outlook
during the forecast period (2019 – 2027). (Bloomberg)

10- Nail polish

Nail polish has been a popular search term online for decades and is constantly trending. These searches are now more likely to lead to higher eCommerce sales.

With nail salons closed, shoppers have fewer places to buy nail polish and need more stock of their polishes. Many people learning to do their nails and wanting to try and improve their skills, this trend will continue.

Nail Polish
According to Nielsen, for the week ending on April 11, Revlon, which is likely benefiting from selling in essential locations like CVS, saw 13.1% sales growth of its nail polishes year-over-year. (Glossy)

11- Peel-off face masks

If we want to talk about beauty products, we need to talk about peel-off face masks. The popularity of these products has been growing steadily over the past few years and has seen a real surge in interest during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the past few years.

What’s behind the recent success of this trending product? Peel-off face masks have long been popular skin care products in South Korea and Japan. Now they are taking control in America and Europe as well.

Quality face masks refresh and purify your skin, and there’s something deeply satisfying about exfoliating them once a day to reveal your new you.

Peel-off Face Masks
Peel off face masks are being used by many consumers on a regular basis, and this trend is growing among end-users, expanding the sales of peel off face mask. (Future Marketin Sights)

Their popularity has also coincided with the increasing use of video conferencing platforms like Zoom or its alternative. Why? Well, these shows aren’t always flattering, and seeing ourselves on our screens regularly makes many of us more self-aware. This behavior is not going anywhere even if we start going back to the office.

So, you need to be careful with skin care products in the future. A great content format to promote peeling masks is videos. You can produce them yourself or include an influencer.

Many of your customers will be new to peel-off masks. That’s why a helpful video explaining how to implement them and reviewing the different brands and products you offer will help with conversions.

12- Selling Second Hand Products

People do not hesitate to use second-hand products if they are of good quality and in good condition. All you need to do is start collecting second-hand items such as clothes, jewelry, and furniture and publish them on your e-commerce website.

You also need to make sure you offer them at reasonable prices. You can start by testing how good this idea is locally before expanding your reach.

Selling Second Hand Products
The second-hand eCommerce (also known as “reCommerce”) market is booming. According to Coresight Research, reCommerce sellers are growing at 20 times the rate of traditional retailers. (Merchant Spring)

13- Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks is one of the best e-commerce business ideas for 2021. You can write the books yourself or have someone ghostwrite them for you.

Selling e-books for eCommerce
Creators have seen all the hard work they put into formatting their ebook go to the wayside when they convert to Kindle Direct Publishing formats. Plus, digital rights management (DRM) can pigeonhole compatible devices. (Convert Kit)

As long as you can write something of value on any trending educational topic, you’ll have a good chance of selling lots of copies.


Today, it’s more important than ever for your e-commerce business to stand out. You can do this by choosing the right niche.

In this article, we have discussed the products that generate the most profit for your e-commerce store. Some of the most profitable e-commerce niches include technology and home office equipment, home gym and fitness equipment, DIY and home improvement, entertainment, and cooking.

There are many opportunities to build a successful business in any of these industries.
Working in a niche can bring you numerous benefits. You get lower marketing and advertising costs, higher consumer loyalty, and less competition.

You can run your business with a small team and have the option to increase your prices.
Do your research and choose e-commerce niches that will work for you. Then create great products if you don’t already have them. You will see these sales come in. Your business will be on the road to success.