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How Can I Get Traffic To My Online Store?


How do you get traffic to your online store as a complete beginner in e-Commerce? It is one of the most commonly asked questions when you’re first starting out e-Commerce. That’s all we’re going to be covering in this blog post.

Also, in this blog, we’re going to be discussing different traffic strategies that you can use to advertise your new business or website. Let’s jump right in!

Understanding Traffic

Let’s talk traffic before we go ahead and implement it. The main purpose of the traffic added is to send people to your website or your landing page. However, you can also use it to say send people to a video, a podcast, and just about anything that is on the Internet. That’s great!

For example, if you got a new blog post you want to get some traction on it. Boom! Right there is a traffic ad. One relatively new thing is when it comes to the traffic ad, you have two options:

  • You either have a link click or
  • You have landing page views

When it comes to link clicks, this is more just sending raw traffic to break it down another way. Link clicks you might get some people that just accidentally clicked on that call-to-action button.

Landing page views are more of a quality. The people who are clicking on this know that they’re not accidentally clicking on something.

Understanding Website Traffic
When ecommerce took off in the 1990s, the metric of web traffic was first viewed as the most important means of determining a website’s popularity, as other metrics did not yet exist to gauge online success. (Big Commerce)

So, keep that in mind if you’re just looking to get traffic and get some people that might take action to focus more on landing page views. Landing page views cost a little bit more than Link Clicks. However, we have to figure out quantity versus quality.

How To Increase Traffic on Website Through SEO

Not many people get excited about the need to do SEO optimization of their site. It’s a long rather monotonous and even boring process. However, this is the most important step to take at the very beginning to get traffic. So that, your store doesn’t get lost in the search engine results.

To increase traffic to your online store, you must first break into the top positions where most people start turfing the internet in search engines. SEO is an important marketing tactic that helps interested people find your site in search engine results.

When it comes to SEO, it is important to make a comprehensive and consistent effort beyond keyword placement in articles. You should hire a professional with whom you’ll start moving in the right direction.

Among search engine optimization opportunities:

  • Add keywords related to your business to your blog.
  • Publish external links that point to experts in your industry.
  • Create internal links to give Google a better image of the site.
  • Create a sitemap for major search engines, Google includes keywords and descriptions, and even product images.
  • Optimize your site. So, it loads at maximum speed.
  • Provide links to your site from quality resources.
  • Provide detailed meta descriptions by taking the time to use even a few of these SEO techniques you can improve your search engine ranking and get traffic to your online store.

Setting up Facebook Ads to Get Traffic

Before moving on, here are some benefits of advertising on Facebook:

First things first, sell more. You can advertise your product or service and send people to your website to purchase. You can generate leads. So, you can use Facebook adverts to collect names, emails, phone numbers, and, more directly from your targeted customers.

How to use facebook ads to get website traffic
Facebook traffic ads are those which use the traffic objective and can be used to send traffic to a website, mobile or desktop app, or Messenger conversation. (Word Stream)

You can also use Facebook ads to distribute content. Facebook and Instagram are also the ideal places to distribute the content you create and get traffic.

What Do I Need To Start Advertising on Facebook?

So, let’s talk about the assets you’ll need to start advertising.

Business Manager

First things first is the Business Manager. A Business Manager is a container that holds all of your business assets. So, within your Business Manager will live the ad accounts, the pages, the pixels as well as the payment methods.

Ad Account

Below your Business Manager, we have Ad Accounts. You’ll have one Business Manager and inside of it, you can have five Ad Accounts.

This is where you create all of your campaigns. Also, you can have multiple ad accounts per Business Manager.

Facebook Page

The Facebook page is where your ads will run from.

Verified Domain

Facebook now requires you to verify the ownership of your domain to drive ads to it.

Facebook Pixel

The pixel is simply a piece of code you put on your website that will track all the visitor’s actions for you. So you can track what sort of results your ads are yielding.

Payment Method

You have to enter a valid payment method to start running ads.

How To Create Your Business Manager

To create your Business Manager, you should go to and click on “Create an Account”.

  • Fill up the information with your real business data.
  • Click on the link in your e-mail and confirm the creation of your Business Manager.
how to use facebook business manager
You need a Facebook profile to create a Business Manager account. You use your Facebook username and password to sign into Business Manager. It’s a more secure way to log in than with just an email address and password. (Facebook Help Center)

Your ad account is an entity that lives inside of your Business Manager. To create your ad account:

  • Go to business settings inside of your Business Manager.
  • Click on Add Accounts, Add and Create new.
  • Simply name the Ad Account whatever you want.
  • Select your time zone and currency.
  • Make sure that your time zone corresponds to your currency. For example, U.S time zones must use US dollar as its currency. Otherwise, you’ll have problems when trying to run ads. Your ads won’t deliver and you will have to create a new account.

How To Create Your Campaigns To Get Traffic on Facebook

The Ad is the actual advertisement you see on your Facebook and Instagram. It holds the copy, the headline, the image or the video of the ad as well as the URL destination of it.
In terms of creating a campaign;

  • First, select your objective. This is a matter of asking yourself what you want as a result of the campaign. Is it leads? Is it getting traffic? Is it purchases on your store visitors to physical store views? The answer to this question will dictate your campaign objective.

You should always keep that in mind when creating your ad campaigns; Creatives are our biggest lever in advertising and 80 of your focus should be on developing better creatives and testing more variations of them.

Then you should choose your ad format.

Single Image Ads: A simple ad with an image creative. This is the most used type of ad that you usually see running on your news feed.
Video Ads: Speaking of video ads, they are by far our best performing ads and there’s no limit on how long your video can be. You can take advantage of it to convey emotions and get traffic to your website.
Carousels: These are a great way to showcase multiple products you have or create a slide presentation of your services or even of your content.
Collections: With collections, you can take advantage of Facebook instant experience features. So, it’s kind of an on-platform website that loads before loading your actual website.

facebook ad types 2022
Facebook has always made a big issue of text in images. If your image contains more than 20% text, you will receive “reduced delivery” (according to the official Facebook ad specifications) (Influencer Marketing Hub).

The great advantage of these types of ads is that they take more screen real estate than regular ads so you tend to have higher click-through rates.

You should learn how to add enough curiosity to your ads to get traffic. Your ad shouldn’t look like an ad. Nowadays, we get bombarded with so many ads that by default we have banner blindness within us.

So as soon as we see something that looks remotely like an ad we just tend to ignore it. Ideally, your ad should look like a post from a friend on the user’s news feed or stories.

Setting Up Google Ads to Boost Traffic

To create Google Ads, the first thing you need is the website. Then head over to

  • If you don’t have an account yet, click on Start Now. You will be able to go through a very quick process of signing up.
  • When you finish that steps, you’ll see some options. You shouldn’t select any of these options over here like “Get More calls”. What you need to do instead is click on “Switch to expert mode.” That option is going to give you so many more choices.
  • If you want the most flexibility, just click on the switch to expert mode. When you click you’ll see a table of options like sales, leads, website traffic, etc.
  • You should click on website traffic, and then, enter the business website.
  • After all the information you enter, you can set whatever budget you want. A budget of 10 to $20 a day should be good for any campaign to get started.
  • Select “Do not optimize and rotate ads indefinitely”. So that, if you do set up several ads, you will be the one who will be able to determine which ads are working, and which ones aren’t.
  • Click “Save And Continue”.
  • After this process, you’ll reach out to the keyword part. This is where you’re going to select what words you want people to type to see your ads.
  • This is where you create the ad.
  • Make sure that your final URL is here. If you don’t have the HTTPS in front of your website, you might see a little triangle here that says, use HTTPS whenever possible.
  • You can just put in information about your offer.
  • Now, you should add a call to action. Something like Get Started Now, Get Your Guide Now, or Learn More Now.
  • Keep your number of ads to a minimum, maybe two to three max. So that you can spend money on each of the ads. Click “Save and Continue”.
  • Sent your payment details next.

All right, and here it says, Congrats you’re all done!

Increase Your Traffic By Blogging

One of the best traffic generating strategy is organic search. Keep in mind that it’s a long game and it can be tricky to prove its effectiveness. So, in all honesty, many entrepreneurs don’t have the patience for it. We think that’s a huge mistake.

Increase Your Traffic By Blogging
Content these days almost always falls into one of two categories: cool and funny or useful and educational. Choose either and you’re probably off to a good start. (Word Stream)

Content marketing like on-page SEO, long tail keywords, keyword research, product descriptions with keywords using, image names properly that are searchable can help your business to get traffic for free.

As a beginner, you should start a blog, post monthly or more an in-depth topic that you believe your ideal buyers are searching. Use long tail keywords. 70% of people on the planet would rather learn about a company through an article than an advertisement. Blogging is key to getting found online for free.

You can just go with once a month and if you can do more that’s great. However, you should make it a little bit deeper be like the authority on a topic. Also, you have to include a keyword in your product page URLs. Compress your photos on whatever site you have. Compress your photos properly and use a descriptive file name and alt text that’s searchable.

Write thorough product descriptions that evoke a feeling. Even better if storytelling is used in your strategy for your product descriptions. In addition to keywords, make sure that Google Analytics is installed and working properly.