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8 Best Goods to Sell Online in 2023


With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, no matter what you’re selling chances are you can probably reach a much wider audience on the internet. If you’re looking to start an online business but aren’t quite sure what you want to sell or how to do it here are 8 of the best online businesses that you should take a look at for this year:

Before Finding Your Product

Finding products to sell is definitely one of the hardest challenges. Here’s a few things we want you to keep in mind as you’re looking through your products to sell:

The first thing is to look for a product that can entertain or solve a problem.

  • Go with your personal passion

If you are someone that you like to cook then you should sell a cooking product. If you are into fitness then you should sell a fitness product. You want to be able to promote a product that you truly would use yourself. You also want to sell something online that you will be able to market. It’s 25% the product, 75% how you market it.

  • Browse what’s trending and capitalize on trends early

You can just search hashtag on Tiktok it’s called #tiktokmademebuyit and a bunch of products will come up with people sharing what they bought online.

How to Source Products for Selling?

Getting Product Ideas First

When it comes to finding products to sell online the first step is to get product ideas and brainstorm. Then you want to determine whether those ideas can actually make you money. There are a whole bunch of places to brainstorm products but here are just a few examples;

For example you can find products by looking at completed items on:

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy

Then once you have a couple of ideas in mind, you’ll want to use a keyword tool like LongTailPro to figure out how many people are searching for that product on Google to get an estimate of the amount of revenue that you can possibly make selling that product on your own website.

You also want to use a tool called JungleScout to find out how much the products you want to sell are actually making on Amazon.

How to Source Products for Selling?

How to Source Products for Selling?

If you are a dropshipper, you would use AliExpress. If you are someone that wants to start an inventory based e-Commerce store, you would use Alibaba. 

You can just Google AliExpress top rankings and this page will actually pull up through Google. Once you’re on this page, you’ll have access to so many different products that are trending currently and a lot of drop shippers do use AliExpress. You’ll get to see what’s really being dropped right now.

Everbee Chrome extension shows you proven data on what niches and what type of digital products are actually performing well and generating high revenue. If you’re not familiar with the Everbee Chrome extension, it is an optional Chrome extension tool that you can use to do your product research.

Top 8 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2023

1- Smart Watches and Other Technology

If you’re looking to specialize your online business in one area in particular, consider selling smart watches and other technology items. These days smart watches are in high demand among consumers. 

The smart watcher industry is projected to reach 96 billion dollars by 2027. This is a great time to be selling these products to consumers, so get in touch with suppliers like Aliexpress or Alibaba and see if this is a worthy time.

Pet Products

2- Pet Products

For good reason, people love their pets but it’s not easy to find physical pet stores with a good supply of products.  If you design your online store correctly and cater for a particular type of consumer, you could be making a lot of money just by having all of the right products available in one place. 

Design your store for a particular consumer. For example; you could choose to specialize your store in things like pet outfits or high-class pet foods and accessories or kind of more of a mid-range something for everyone type of thing.

If you go outside with your dog a lot of people won’t even let their dog lay on the grass. They’ll have a special blanket, a bed or they’ll go camping with their dog and have a special cot for the dog. People love to pamper their dogs.

On Google trends if you look up just the “dog” keyword, you’ll see it’s on the rise. People are getting more dogs especially during the pandemic.  You can look at what a dog owner wants to have for their dog.  

3- Digital Template

The best example that we can give you about what digital templates look like is Canva. Canva is an entire website that is built off of digital templates. 

Basically what Canva does is allow you to utilize their designs that they’ve already created for you and to add in your own information. Canva will offer you documents that you can fill in like an event proposal, a project overview, a business proposal or even presentations. 

All you have to do is fill in your own information for these presentations that go with whatever you’re looking for. If you are looking for birthday presentations they have that for you.  Create different templates where people can add in their own information and it can be tailored to their needs.


4- Planner 

These small business ideas are able to be adapted into changes that have been throughout the year, different seasons, new trends and the demand for them is always there. 

For example, with the planner business, we have entered a new year and you can make or create different variations of your planner. You can make a daily planner or journal. You could also create a marketing planner for entrepreneurs getting into the new year. It could be any goal-oriented journal for any niche as long as it serves your customers.

5- Amigurumi Plushies

Amigurumi plushies are popular crochet products. They are so cute. The word “amigurumi” is a blend of two Japanese words, ami, which means crocheted or knitted and noigurumi which means a stuffed doll. 

So basically, amigurumi are three-dimensional crocheted stuffed toys. People of all ages love plushies, right? Children love cuddling with them while adults love making or collecting them. 

Plushies have been around for a long time and they are still popular handmade products that people love even to this day. So, there are definitely going to be people buying it.

6- Baby Bottles

As an evergreen product, baby items are great options. More and more people have been going on to Google to search for baby bottles and this is not the only baby product that people are searching for. 

It’s also had baby beds since 2004. There’s been an increase of people searching for this keyword and the same thing can be seen with baby shoes. The list goes on and on of all of the different items within this category that brand new parents are going to be searching for. 

You need to remember that there’s always new babies that are being born on a daily basis. If we go over to Google and type in how many babies are born each day, you’ll see over 385.000 babies are born every single day all around the world. 

This is definitely one of the most profitable and long-term e-commerce categories that you can go into if you’re looking to generate revenues and profits over the foreseeable future.

7- Juicer

This is a great product to sell for two reasons: Number one it’s the New Year lots of people are going to have the resolution to eat better or lose weight. So this juicer is likely going to sell really well right now but not only for that reason. 

Number two is that it’s an evergreen product. Meaning it’s not seasonal, it’s not just going to trend for a week or two and then people will get bored. Juicers are here to stay long term.

Game Boy Cases

8- Game Boy Cases

You can play Super Mario Brothers, all the Nintendo 64 games that we used to play or Donkey Kong. Game boy cases keep you entertained for hours. It doesn’t even take any battery from your phone at all. This is definitely a really great product. 

It’s comfortable to play with, it protects your phone, you can use it with an iPhone or Android and for it to work you just simply just plug it in. There are multiple different variations of game boy cases that you can sell and multiple different colors that you can take advantage of. 

Try to highlight your product’s features and benefits. Tell your customers the reason why they should buy the product and show them how the product actually works. Remember the easiest way for someone to buy from you is if they can relate to other people who have bought the exact same product.


With the right research and the right strategies, anyone can find the best products to sell online in the future. It is important to consider the consumer trends and habits, as well as the potential of a product and its potential market, when evaluating the best products to sell online in 2023.

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