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Ecommerce Personalization: Delivering Relevant Recommendations


Ecommerce personalization leverages unique customer data to display tailored content. This technique can be employed based on a user’s age, gender, location, purchase history, browsing device and more. Research has shown that businesses implementing personalization programs experience 10-15 percent higher conversion rates and 20 percent higher customer satisfaction levels. Additionally, increasing retention by 5 percent could result in up to 95 percent profit growth, which is more cost-effective than getting new customers. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Strategies For Scalable Ecommerce Personalization

To ensure your ecommerce personalization efforts are practical, you want to create a scalable strategy. Here are some strategies :

1. Product-Detail Page Recommendations

Product-detail page (PDP) recommendations can help customers explore similar or complementary products to the ones they have already shown interest in. Dynamic up-selling effectively encourages shoppers to buy items with a higher price tag but are still comparable regarding style or brand. 

These products yield higher profits and have a better chance of converting into sales. By cross-selling related items on your PDPs, customers can easily find what else is available that complements their current choices – thus increasing the size of their cart. 

For instance, Urbanara has successfully implemented this idea by recommending relevant home accessories that match what shoppers have added to their carts.

Merchant Spotlight: Personalizing Product Recommendations

Pura Vida was the trailblazer utilizing Yotpo for customer reviews and Nosto for personalization. This enabled them to introduce two recommendation categories on their product pages:

Merchant Spotlight Personalizing Product RecommendationsWithin the first year, this combination generated:

  • 24 million product recommendations
  • 1.6 million clicks resulting from these recommendations
  • 7.9% average rate of conversion due to the recommendations
  • 10% of revenue attributed to Nosto’s integration with Shopiroller

“Using Shopiroller has been an amazing experience for us,” says Griffin Thall, co-founder of Pura Vida Bracelets. “The platform is top notch and makes it easy to connect with vendors, apps, tech partners and generate detailed reports.”

One of the most compelling features is its Product Detail Page recommendations. 

For example, if a shopper is viewing a tank top on Bandier’s website, they are offered suggestions of matching shoes and pants. This helps them quickly find complementary items related to the one they are viewing.

Continuous shopping and browsing history on the PDP makes it easy for customers to revisit previously viewed items. This enhances the customer experience, and research shows that PDP recommendations are an effective way to drive up conversion rate and average order value.

2. Show Continuous Shopping For Returning Customers

It was inspired by Netflix’s “Continue Watching” feature and created a similar tactic for the ecommerce experience called Continuous Shopping Recommendations. 

Show Continuous Shopping For Returning Customers

This is one of our go-to strategies when working with high-growth retailers to help them grow their businesses. It could be the key to unlocking increased customer engagement that drives more sales and profits.

Instead of manually searching and sifting through videos, Netflix makes it easy to continue your viewing experience with a click. Your website can also use this approach to remember preferences and selections from past visits, making it more straightforward for visitors to complete their purchases. This might not be a complicated algorithm, but it is highly beneficial for customers.

3. Create Personalized Bestseller Lists To Drive Click-Throughs

People are often drawn to the most popular products, such as those found atop bestseller lists in chart-based economies like books and music. We provide an innovative way to view these bestsellers by adding a time dimension. For example, customers can browse through the bestselling items of the last 24 hours or even just the past hour – depending on the amount of traffic you receive.

When we collaborated with Campus Protein on this feature, it resulted in a 50% click-through rate from the bestseller page to product pages – helping the brand double its conversions yearly.

Create Personalized Bestseller Lists To Drive Click-Throughs

You can be creative with your product ranking. Instead of going by sales, consider displaying the most reviewed products or sorting them according to location. This is especially useful if you sell different types of fashion in different climates or specialize in sports team merchandise. 

For example, customers from Los Angeles may want different clothing than someone living in New York City would in the winter. Figure out what works best for your specific products and customers. 

LeSportsac has been renowned for its signature elegant and minimalistic design for years. Upon looking at their Google Analytics data, they noticed that most of their traffic came from Hong Kong, where consumers tend to gravitate toward more vibrant designs and colour schemes.

By taking advantage of Trending Sellers By Location recommendations, LeSportsac introduced a whole new set of products specifically tailored to their Hong Kong customers, separate from the ones they had been selling in the U.S.

4. Integrate User-Generated Content Across Your Funnel

User-generated content (UGC) can be a great way to engage visitors and add another layer of authenticity to your website. People tend to rely on their peers when considering new products, with 54% of American consumers citing friends and acquaintances as sources of information. Shopiroller makes connecting Yotpo and Nosto tools easy to create a seamless and inspiring user experience.

Integrate User-Generated Content Across Your Funnel

Unfortunately, many businesses need to take full advantage of user-generated content (UGC) by incorporating it throughout their online sales funnel. For most companies, UGC is limited to product ratings or sharing on social media.

What Are Top Brands Doing Instead?

SeaVees prominently features UGC (User-Generated Content) on their homepage and Product Detail Pages (PDPs) by linking directly to a specially selected set of shoppable posts, many of which have been submitted by customers using the SeaVees branded hashtag.

Skinnydip London showcases the images of their devoted customers on their homepage with an eye-catching ‘Shop the Gram’ title. Just like Seavess, they make use of user-generated content (UGC).

Campus Protein showcases customer advocacy and user-generated content (UGC) with its most popular items. For instance, they display a carousel of Instagram-style UGC under the product image when promoting Bang Energy Drink on the product page.

As you explore the page, you will see a YouTube video offering an exciting take on the traditional product review.

YouTube video

5. Retarget In-Session Based On Behavioural Triggers

Off-site retargeting can be costly, but on-site interstitials can be a great substitute. To optimize the user experience and get the best results from your popups, you must ensure they appear at the right moments. 

Automation is an effective way of achieving this, as you can configure automatic triggers based on criteria such as the number of visits, cart value and browsing history (both past and current). By doing this, you can ensure that your popup offers are timely and relevant.

Retarget In-Session Based On Behavioural Triggers

Offer your first-time visitors special deals and promotions in exchange for their email addresses, as Urbanara does. Once someone adds something to their cart, you can offer tiered discounts to boost the average order value.

Authentic Vintage offers a unique approach to discounts: free shipping when the order price reaches a specific limit. For example, customers in the U.K. can get free shipping on all orders over £150.

Another great way to draw returning visitors in is by using popups that remind them of the items they have been looking at previously but have yet to purchase. Bandier displays a popup for returning visitors with tailored recommendations based on their past browsing activity, helping to push them towards checkout.

6. Time Social Retargeting With Intelligent Recommendations

Even if a visitor has left your website, retargeting on social media can help to get their attention back. To make this approach successful, it’s important to choose the right timing. 

Granulated retargeting is one of the more advanced methods and allows you to save money by adjusting your ad spend depending on how long someone has been away from your site. You can also limit your retargeting period to 7-14 days to engage users while they are most likely to convert.

Time Social Retargeting With Intelligent Recommendations

When engaging with customers, it is essential to be aware of your method: presenting them with goods that link to their past acquisitions or merely reminding them of what makes your business unique in an entertaining way. With the help of A.I.-powered technology, you can retarget customers at the perfect time to keep them from forgetting about you or opting for a different brand. 

To stay in front of your customers, why not mix a retargeting ad with a boosted video to help them remember the advantages of buying from you as opposed to another company – just like Chubbies does.

7. Automate Three Personalized Email And Sms Types

If you have an online shopper’s email address or mobile number, your brand can better engage and convert them. Through this direct connection, you can reach out to your customers no matter their location, helping keep your business at the forefront of their minds. To make sure they pay attention, here are three effective messaging techniques:

Abandoned Cart Messaging

Optimizing your checkout process is a must-do to minimize abandoned carts, but some will always slip away. Many customers may start the purchase process but need to be more focused and leave before they finish. 

Abandoned Cart Messaging

To remind them, Morvelo sends an email with the items still in their cart, encouraging them to return and complete the purchase. This can be a great way to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

You can also use this as a way to grab visitors’ interest. For example, Dope presents a popup when someone adds an item to their cart: This is an excellent opportunity for you to highlight offers or promotions that could entice the customer further. Please keep it simple, so your customers understand what you are trying to communicate. This popup can significantly add value and boost your sales with the right approach.

“We Miss You” Messaging

If you notice a shopper has left items in their cart, do not hesitate to reach out and let them know! Supporters Place offers emails that can be used to re-engage customers, reminding them of the products they are interested in while also introducing new and exciting options. This is an opportunity for shoppers and stores to benefit from a connection.

Order Follow-Up Messaging

The checkout is only the start of your connection with a customer. Remain in contact with buyers once they have completed their purchase and suggest personalized product ideas based on what they have ordered before. Here’s how ergoPouch makes it happen.


Q: How Will Personalizing Customer Experiences Benefit My Business?

A: Personalization helps your brand stand out and build lasting customer relationships. It can drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue and promote sustainability in your business. With Shopiroller, you can take advantage of their services to provide personalized experiences and unlock the potential of personalization for your business.

Q: What Kind Of Services Can Shopiroller Offer?

A: Shopiroller provides personalized services, such as personalizing product recommendations, creating dynamic content and personalized emails, and optimizing checkout experiences. With these services, you can create an engaging customer experience and drive more engagement with your business.

Q: How Do I Get Started With Shopiroller?

A: You can get started by signing up for the Shopiroller platform and connecting your store. From there, you can access all of their services and start personalizing experiences for your customers in no time!

Q: What Sort Of Support Does Shopiroller Offer?

A: Shopiroller provides 24/7 support to help you with any issues or questions that you may have. They also offer extensive documentation, tutorials, and webinars to ensure you get the most out of their services. With Shopiroller at your disposal, unlocking the potential of personalization for your business has never been easier!

Q: Is There A Free Trial With Shopiroller?

A: Yes, Shopiroller offers a 30-day free trial period. During this time, you can explore all the platform’s features and decide if it is right for your business.


Personalization can help your brand stand out from the competition and build a lasting connection with your customers. With the right tools and service partners, you can create unique experiences that will help drive your business forward and build lasting customer relationships. You can use Shopiroller services to create personalized customer experiences. Unlock the potential of ecommerce personalization with Shopiroller in your business today!

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